Presentations of IF projects and PSF services

Presentations of IF projects and PSF services during the SEM- 2023

Accelerating inclusive green growth agribased digital innnovation in West Africa



Harnessing Innovative Technologies to Support Resilient Settlements on the Coastal Zones of the Caribbean


Strengthening Agricultural Knowledge & Innovation Ecosystem for Inclusive Rural Transformation & Livelihoods in Eastern Africa 


VaRRIWA – Valorising Research Results and Innovation in West Africa


PDTIE- Déploiement des technologies et innovations environnementales pour le développement durable et la réduction de la pauvreté – (Central Africa )

Promotion de la Recherche, l’Innovation et la Culture numérique en Afrique Centrale


Georisks and climate change in the Caribbean region based on trans-disciplinary and Trans-sectorial approach: Integrating science and end-users needs for innovative and sustainable mitigation and adaptation solutions


Renforcement des écosystèmes de Recherche et d’Innovation face aux enjeux climatiques dans le Pacifique


Capacitating One Health in Eastern and Southern Africa


PAWES-Enhanced solid waste management and energy security in the Pacific region 

RINaWA-Improved sustainable waste and natural resources management in the targeted countries of Southern Africa 

Inclusive R&I environment enabling the trans-formation towards a sustainable management of the waste value chain and production of energy from waste in the western Indian Ocean islands



Development of a national R&I policy in Lesotho



Elaboration d’une stratégie inclusive de recherche et innovation en Mauritanie



Development of an Innovation Fund in The Gambia


Development of a digital repository and a STI programme in Timor-Leste


Towards guidelines for enhancing technology transfer/commercialisation and coordination of Innovation hubs in Kenya

Elaboration d’une première stratégie nationale de recherche et d’innovation au Cameroun