The OACPS R&I PSF provides policy support through technical assistance in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of R&I policies and systems. 

For instance, requesting authorities might ask a policy service to assess the overall effectiveness of the national R&I system, or to provide operational recommendations on how to implement a specific policy instrument to boost research competitiveness. A group of countries, can also submit a request to explore a specific R&I topic of mutual interest, as well as the best ways to tackle the related identified policy challenges (Mutual Learning Exercise).

No. An Expression of Interest (EoI) to request a policy service can be submitted only by national public authorities in charge of R&I (such as Higher Education, Research and Innovation ministries, national councils and committees), or by regional public authorities in the OACPS member countries working in R&I, since high-level political commitment is crucial to the success of the service. 

No. The OACPS R&I PSF does not support research projects or research infrastructures.

No. The OACPS R&I PSF only provides policy-related technical assistance 

EoI can be submitted at any time, there is not a specific timeline. However, the delivery of policy support services is also related to the availability of resources.

Each ACP country can submit only one EoI and can only request one service. 

However, follow-up services might be envisaged for countries who have already conducted or participated in a PSF service and need support to roll out or implement the policy recommendations of the previous service.

Furthermore, a country can also submit a request for, or participate in, a multi-country activity such as Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE).  

For each policy service, the OACPS R&I PSF will deploy a group of experts (mainly from ACP countries and EU) who will provide technical assistance for the delivery of the service. This Expert Panel will be composed of different high-profile specialists in the R&I domain of the policy service (such as heads of STI departments at universities, research organisations or regional STI organisations) and with knowledge of the topic, the country and the region.

All the costs related to the experts of the Expert Panel that will carry out the service (such as fees, subsistence costs, flights – depending on Covid-19 evolution- and possible local transportation) will be covered by the OACPS R&I PSF.

All the official documents of the OACPS R&I PSF are available in the two official languages of the OACPS Secretariat (English and French).

In principle, the official working languages are English and French. However, some of the experts involved in the service will have a good knowledge of local languages to facilitate interactions with key stakeholders. The PSF knowledge products will be produced in English or French, but could also be delivered in Portuguese or Spanish if desired by the service-requesting authority.

The duration, and therefore the number of working days for the experts, will depend on several factors, such as the type of service requested, the size of the country’s R&I system, the subject (it may, for example, be an effort of 20 working days over 5 months). As far as the OACPS R&I PSF is concerned, regional and national authorities will be able to send an expression of interest until 2024.

You can participate to a PSF service delivery, but as an individual expert and not on behalf of your organisation.


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