Policy Support Facility

The Policy Support Facility (PSF) is a key component of the OACPS Research and Innovation Programme, aimed at enhancing the quality and the efficiency of the R&I policy systems in its African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) member countries. Innovation performance relies not only on appropriate R&I funding and skills, but also on putting in place the right policy framework conditions. R&I investments are much more impactful if accompanied by reforms that increase the quality and efficiency of R&I systems and policies.

The Policy Support Facility provides national or regional public authorities from OACPS countries, in charge of Research and Innovation, and Higher Education, with high-level expertise and practical support to:

  • improve the design and implementation of evidence-based R&I policies and strategies;

  • support the development of national R&I capacities needed to make the transition to self-sustaining knowledge-led economies;

  • foster – at national and regional levels – collaboration opportunities between R&I institutions, businesses, academia and civil society organisations to unleash their innovation potential.

Priorities are defined in a largely bottom-up manner by the countries themselves, as they are the direct and ultimate beneficiaries of the services. Policy and decision-makers can have access to a broad range of on-demand and tailor-made services to improve their policy-making practices: Peer Review; Reform Implementation Support; Mutual Learning Exercise; Follow-up service and ad-hoc services. High-level international experts with expertise in relevant R&I fields and peers from ACP and EU countries will be mobilised to carry out the services and formulate concrete advice and recommendations.

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