IF Sub-grantee

Production et diffusion des messages sur la recherche et l’innovation pour le développement durable

Project duration

23 Months

Start 01/02/23 End 31/12/24


Cameroon, DRC


Juste Yamoneka

Université de Goma

  • Innovation Fund
  • R&I

This project consists mainly of the production of messages and videos on the results of research and innovations for sustainable development in Cameroon and DRC, as well as their dissemination through audiovisual media and social networks.

Specific objectives:

  • Produce television and radio programs and related materials that present the results of research and technological innovations related to EITP activities in Cameroon and the DRC.
  • Disseminate the content produced on the results of research and innovation on the appropriate platforms in both countries.

This project is one of the third- projects financed by PDTIE  in Cameroon and DRC.

Project factsheet


Project coordinator

Université de Goma, DRC

Project partners

Institut National des Arts (INA) – DRC

Association des réalisateurs documentaristes Camerounais (ARDC) – Cameroon