PSF services

Development of a Research and Innovation Support Fund in Togo

Project duration

7 Months

Start 19/09/23 End 30/04/24




Kouami Kokou

Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR)
  • Reform Implementation Support
  • Innovation Fund
  • Policy Support Facility

The objective of the PSF (Policy Support Facility) service is to assist the ministry of Higher Education and Research  in developing a  national Research and Innovation Support Fund in Togo to  raise the profile and effectiveness of Research and Innovation (R&I) carried out in Togo and make it a
accelerator of sustainable development.

This  Fund will contribute to:

  • Promote synergies between government, academic and research communities, industry and civil society to promote open science and innovation
  • Better identify investment opportunities in R&I;
  • Increase  investment from the private sector, through public-private partnerships
  • Create innovation centres to encourage the emergence of start-ups
  • Stimulate gender equity and equality and active participation of local stakeholders in innovation strategies

The PSF service will be carried out by an international panel of experts who will actively collaborate with the national team of Togo and the PSF team (OACPS R&I Programme).



Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Service type

Reform implementation support