Policy Support Facility

Towards the Development of a Research and Innovation Support Fund in Togo with the support of the OACPS Secretariat.

Towards the Development of a Research and Innovation Support Fund in Togo with the support of the OACPS Secretariat.

Key policy recommendations for establishing a national fund to support research and innovation in Togo were presented and validated during the final event of the OACPS R&I Policy Support Facility service in Togo. This initiative aims to accelerate the country’s transition to an innovation-led and knowledge-based economy.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Research organised the national validation workshop and final event on May 10, 2024, at the Togo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI-Togo). The event’s primary goal was to validate the policy recommendations report submitted by a panel of experts. The event saw the participation of approximately sixty attendees, including expert panel members, staff from the MESR cabinet and technical departments, the OACPS Secretariat, members of the national team, key national R&I stakeholders, executives from other ministerial departments, and staff from research and innovation structures.

In her opening remarks, Mrs. Bitho, President of the CCI-Togo, underscored the significance of research in Togo’s development and the necessity of establishing a long-term funding mechanism. She reiterated the private sector’s commitment, through CCI-Togo, to support research and innovation in Togo in a mutually beneficial manner.

Dr. Norbert Ibrahim Richard, Assistant Secretary General of the OACPS, highlighted in his video message the collaborative journey since September 2023, stating, “We are now in the final stage of the PSF service in Togo, and we can look back with satisfaction on the road we have traveled together. The data gathered by the experts and the insights from key R&I players have reinforced our belief that Togo can leverage innovation for economic growth and sustainable development“.

Mr. Tegnama Ewézima, Technical Adviser representing the Minister of MESR, concluded the welcome remarks by emphasizing that Togo’s economic growth hinges on research and innovation. He expressed confidence that the discussions at this meeting would pave the way for establishing a fund to support research and innovation.

The opening ceremony was followed by a presentation from Alessandro Bello of the Technical Assistance Unit of the R&I Programme, discussing the potential impact of a national R&I fund on the R&I ecosystem. Subsequently, the expert panel presented a summary of the RRP and its recommendations, followed by a debate.

Prof. Tona Kokou Jacob, Chair of the expert panel, and Prof. Azoumah Yao, panel member, provided a detailed presentation covering the mission’s background, objectives, the current state of research and innovation in Togo, and comprehensive recommendations for establishing the National Fund to Support Research and Innovation (Fonds national de soutien à la recherche et à l’innovation – FSRI).

The experts outlined the key policy recommendations in the step-by-step report to guide national authorities in setting up the FSRI. These recommendations include resource mobilisation, fund management, governance, application management mechanisms, and selection processes. They also address budgetary, legislative, and governance aspects and identify potential funding sources for the FSRI’s implementation.

With these validated recommendations, the Togolese government now has a solid guideline to help establish and manage the FSRI.

This final event of the PSF service marks a significant milestone for the OACPS Secretariat in its mission to enhance the R&I systems of ACP countries. Launched in January 2021, the Policy Support Facility is a component of the OACPS Research and Innovation Programme, implemented by the OACPS and funded by the European Union (EU) to unlock innovation potential in the 79 OACPS member countries.

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