IF Sub-grantee

Valorisation des vertus des plantes dans le bassin Nord-Est de la RD Congo

Project duration

23 Months

Start 01/02/23 End 31/12/24





Centre de Surveillance de la biodiversité (Université de Kisangani), DRC

  • Innovation Fund
  • R&I
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Climate Change & environment
  • Food and Natural Resources

This project aims to contribute to the valorization and transformation of the virtues of endemic plants in the DRC. Specifically, it will be a question of extracting, in the laboratory, the active principles or phytochemical groups of some endemic plants of the Tshopo targeted by the 15 innovations retained within the framework of a call for projects; to manufacture finished products (pharmaceutical products in the form of capsule, syrup, ointment), cosmetic products (in the form of antiseptic soap, repellent ointment, perfume? ), biological water purification products (in tablet or powder form), or biological insecticide to fight against crop pests and mosquitoes (in spray form). The products manufactured by each of the 15 innovators will be certified and accompanied in production and marketing.

This project is one of the third- projects financed by PDTIE in DRC.

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15 innovations selected by the project


Project coordinator

Centre de Surveillance de la biodiversité (Université de Kisangani), DRC

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