IF Sub-grantee

Projet de Dissémination des Innovations pour le Développement Durable en Zone Rurale (ProDIDeDZR)

Project duration

12 Months

Start 03/10/23 End 02/10/24




Magloire TENE

Forêts et Développement Rural (FODER)

  • Technology transfer/commercialisation
  • Innovation Fund
  • R&I
  • Youth/women
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Climate Change & environment
  • Food and Natural Resources

OS1: Development of high-impact digital applications to optimize the use of agricultural equipment
OS2: Capacity building for CEMAC zone players in the use of the technologies developed and Project sustainability

The project is funded by PRICNAC

Project coordinator

Forêts et Développement Rural (FODER), Cameroon

Project partners

Fonds de Promotion de l’Agripreneuriat Congolais (FOPAC asbl), DRC

Assainissement, Cameroon

News from the project