3 new innovation projects selected in Central Africa by PRICNAC

As part of its deployment, the PRICNAC project (Promotion of Research, Innovation and Digital Culture) launched a second call for proposals for micro-projects in January 2022. The selected micro-projects will receive funding ranging from a minimum of 150,000 euros (98,393,550 FCFA) to a maximum of 155,000 euros (101,673,335 FCFA). 3 projects have been selected.

This second call for proposals for micro-projects under Phase 1 of the PRICNAC project grant, open to 8 countries, selected 3 third party projects led by entities from 3 countries: Cameroon, Central African Republic and Republic of Sao Tome and Principe:

  • Project: Formalization of lessons on aromatics into skilled knowledge – FLASH. Contracting Entity: Africaine Avicole (Cameroon). Associated Entities: Griotys Group Sarl (Cameroon), National Association of Traditional Health Practitioners of Cameroon – ANTRASA ( Cameroon) and University of Sao Tome and Principe (Sao Tome and Principe);
  • Project: Energy saving and eco-responsible processes in the production of infrastructures in Central Africa – EEPER :MD. Contracting Entity: Mission de promotion des matériaux locaux – MIPROMALO (Cameroon). Associated entities: École nationale supérieure polytechnique de Yaoundé (Cameroon), University of Bangui (Central African Republic);
  • Project: Inform’All-City. Contracting Entity: École nationale supérieure polytechnique de Douala (Cameroon). Associated Entities: FEICOM (Cameroon), JFN Center (Cameroon).

The PRICNAC micro-projects will contribute to fostering collaboration between different stakeholders and boosting the dynamics of innovation for sustainable development and poverty reduction in Central Africa.

PRICNAC is financed under the ACP Innovation Fund, a pillar of the OACPS Research and Innovation Programme, implemented by the OACPS Secretariat and funded by the European Union.