Innovation Fund

Monitoring visit to PRICNAC micro-projects in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon

After Maroua, the PRICNAC team continued its micro-project monitoring visit to Ngaoundéré.

This was an opportunity to officially launch the CLINAC micro-project, supported by the École Nationale des Sciences Agro-alimentaires (ENSAI).

🔶 The “Creuset de Lean Innovation Numérique en Afrique Centrale (CLINAC)” project aims to boost the research and innovation ecosystem in Central Africa. Its objectives include the creation of a digital platform fostering synergies between academic players, incubators and socio-economic partners, as well as capacity building in lean sciencepreneurship and innovation. The project is also committed to supporting innovations with a view to stimulating the creation or development of businesses.

🔶 The CLINAC micro-project intends to train 1000-2000 innovators, 500 researchers and 200 SMEs, with personalized coaching for 80 students.