Use of Data and Tools to Map and Monitor Coastal Informal Settlements (MINDSET)

Project duration

18 Months

Start 17/04/23 End 16/10/24




Paul W. Ivey

University of Technology, Jamaica
  • Innovation Fund
  • R&I
  • Climate Change & environment
  • Digitalisation
  • Policy

The project aims to develop data that enables planners and policy makers to gain a baseline understanding of housing conditions, socio-demographics, and the spatial distribution of informal settlements so to that policy and plans can be developed to enhance the resilience and support the sustainability of coastal settlements.

Digital and modelling technologies will be utilized by coastal development practitioners and high-level decision makers in the Eastern Caribbean for the prediction of the impacts of Climate Change and natural disasters, and the planning and management of coastal communities
Government entities, coastal development agencies and coastal communities in the Eastern Caribbean will have the capacity to develop urban planning policies and/or plans that are conducive to the use of digital and modelling innovations for sustainable coastal development.

The project is funded by HIT RESET Caribbean

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Project coordinator

University of Technology – Jamaica

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