IF Project

Strengthening research and innovation in natural resources management and waste management in Southern Africa Region (RINaWa)

Project duration

36 Months

Start 18/12/21 End 17/12/24


Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania


Domingos Gove


  • Waste
  • R&I
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Food and Natural Resources
  • Policy

Governmental entities will be supported in evidence-based policymaking; Local communities in applying research and innovation (R&I) in community-based natural resource management (CB-NRM), including the development of indigenous knowledge; Natural resource and waste value chain actors from both formal and informal sectors in effective CB-NRM practices; and Experts from public and private sector in improved collaboration on R&I related to CB-NRM, including research methodologies and uptake and adoption of R&I results.






Project coordinator

Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat, Botswana

Project partners

College of African Wildlife Management (CAWM), Tanzania

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Switzerland

Third grantees