IF Sub-grantee

Production et diffusion des innovations, et développement de la culture du numérique pour les constructions écologiques et les équipements au Cameroun.

Project duration

24 Months

Start 15/12/21 End 15/12/23




Yannick PONDI

Mission de Promotion de Matériaux Locaux (MIPROMALO)

  • Innovation Fund

The improvement of the innovative capacities of young researchers so that they are able to develop new ideas for innovations in sustainable construction in Cameroon. It is also necessary to improve the dissemination and popularization of innovative research results in sustainable construction in order to allow public and private companies as well as other actors in sustainable construction to be interested in them.

This project will allow the production, for sustainable construction, of 7 innovative materials, 5 innovative machines, 3 innovative digital tools, 15 scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Three patents are to be filed with the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI).

This project is one of the third- projects financed by PDTIE  in Cameroon.

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Mission de Promotion de Matériaux Locaux (MIPROMALO), Cameroon

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