IF Sub-grantee

LL -Climate Change Adaptation Innovations for Coral Reefs in Support of Community Based Conservation

Project duration

24 Months

Start End


Fiji, Kiribati, Tuvalu


Antoine De Ramon N’Yeurt

The University of the South Pacific

  • Technology transfer/commercialisation
  • Innovation hub
  • Innovation Fund
  • R&I
  • Climate Change & environment

This project aims to answer to a problem common to most countries in the Pacific, i.e. minimizing the impact of sea surface temperature increases on the resilience and status of the whole coral reef systems and which are of outmost importance to these countries (food, culture, coastal protection, marine biodiversity …).

The project is funded by RERIPA

Project coordinator

The University of the South Pacific

Project partners

Corals for Conservation (C4C)
Pacific Blue Foundation
Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific, Kiribati (FSPK)
Fuligafou, Tuvalu
Fiji National University

News from the project