IF Sub-grantee

Leveraging the benefits of multi stakeholders’ partnership to support rural women and youth in dairy sector in Kenya Project.

Project duration

30 Months

Start 01/03/22 End 31/08/24




Daniel O. Marube

Co-operative Alliance of Kenya

  • Innovation Fund
  • R&I
  • Youth/women
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Food and Natural Resources

Improved livelihood of women and youth dairy farmers in the counties of Kirinyaga, Embu, Nyeri and Nyandarua in central Kenya.

This project is one of the 4 projects financed by AIRTEA  in Kenya.


Actu du projet



Project coordinator

Co-operative Alliance of Kenya

Project partners

Kenya Animal Genetic Resource Centre

Perfometer Agribusiness Limited, Kenya

New Kenya Cooperative Creameries Ltd

Co-op Consultancy & Bancassurance Intermediary Limited, Kenya

News from the project