Policy Support Facility

Enhancing the R&I ecosystem in Guinee- reports publication

At the end of a 7-month mission deployed in the framework of the Policy Support Facility (PSF) of the OACPS Research and Innovation (R&I) Programme, Guinea has two key publications to help it develop the first research and innovation policy.

Requested by the The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation (MESRSI), the PSF service has produced two instrumental publications:

  • a Country Background Report (Rapport d’état des lieux de la recherche et de l’innovation de la Guinée) stands as a comprehensive assessment of the R&I ecosystem in Guinea, and
  • a Policy Recommendation Report (Rapport de recommandations politiques pour le développement d’une stratégie de recherche et d’innovation), which offers an extensive set of policy recommendations, providing the solid foundation needed for the nation to construct an inclusive and forward-looking R&I policy.

These two reports represent a transformative leap for Guinea’s R&I landscape and set the stage for a dynamic and prosperous future in the realm of research and innovation.

            The Country Background Report, prepared by two independent experts, has provided a comprehensive understanding of the national Research and Innovation (R&I) system, shedding light on its requirements, challenges, and recent advancements. In Guinea, the economy has displayed remarkable resilience and dynamism, boasting an average annual growth rate exceeding 4% in the past five years. The country has fostered a strong collaboration between universities and businesses in the field of Research and Development (R&D) securing the 54th position worldwide in University-Enterprise collaboration in R&D, as per the IMI ranking. However, the report revealed certain key observations, including the absence of information regarding the portion of the GDP allocated to R&D. According to the 2022 Global Innovation Index (GII) by WIPO, Guinea holds the last position among the 27 sub-Saharan African countries listed in the ranking. Additionally, the SWOT analysis in the report has highlighted the current strengths and weaknesses of the national R&I ecosystem. Notably, it pointed out the lack of research and innovation activities within the Guinean private sector and the need for clear and sound policies to address the financing challenges in research activities.

            The panel of four international experts tasked with formulating policy recommendations drew on this comprehensive analysis of Guinea’s R&I ecosystem, complemented by information they gathered in the field from a wide range of R&I actors, and by discussions with the national team and the technical assistance unit of the PSF, to develop the PRR. The series of recommendations outlined in this document encompass seven key areas of action, each integral to advancing the R&I landscape:

– Structure and Governance of the R&I System

– Innovation Culture and Evidence-Based Practices

– Socio-Economic Environment for R&I

– Mechanisms and Funding Resources for R&I

– Human Capital and Talent for R&I

– R&I Infrastructure

– International and Regional Cooperation in R&I

The recommendations are expected to have a wide impact on the national R&I ecosystem. The national team is already working on the implementation des livrables du service MSP in the country, based on them five results are expected: un document de politique assorti d’un autre document de stratégy sur une période de cinq ans; le projet de loi sur l’orientation de la R&I; le projet de mise en place d’un Fonds pour le financement de la R&I et le projet de réorganisation du système de la R&I.

Guinea is the 7th country to benefit from the innovative PSF mechanism, launched in January 2021 by the OACPS Research and Innovation Programme, and funded by the European Union, to unlock innovation potential in the 79 OACPS member countries.

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