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VaRRIWA project- Zoom on the UVI2A’s first cohort of incubates in Togo

They show creativity to valorise agricultural and agri-food innovations in their country, Togo. Discover the first cohort of entrepreneurs and innovators incubated in Togo by the Unit for the Valorisation of Agricultural and Agri-food Innovations (UVI2A).

Here are some of the products and projects of these entrepreneurs and innovators:

  • Culinary broth made from néré seeds
  • Production of local dairy products enriched with local grains
  • Production of poultry meat enriched cookies.
  • Couscous 100% made from corn
  • Melasse produced from dattes
  • Production of infant puree from local fruits and vegetables
  • Oil extraction from yellow nutsedge
  • Production of natural juice from local organic fruits and vegetables
  • Processing of cocoa into chocolate and butter from black coffee
  • Coffee kiosks
  • Organic fertilizer made from organic waste
  • Design and manufacturing of solar incubators to reduce electricity costs

Inaugurated in October 2022 at the Togolese Institute of Agronomic Research (ITRA), the Unit for the Valorisation of Agricultural and Agri-food Innovations (UVI2A) aims to create an environment conducive to the valorisation of agricultural and agri-food research results in Togo.

Its expected results are the following:

  • Incubation of 30 agricultural and agri-food innovators
  • Patenting of 20 agricultural and agri-food innovations
  • Creation of 10 companies

UVI2A is one of 14 third-party projects financed by VaRRIWA, 8 of which are dedicated to the setting up of permanent facilities to support the valorisation of research-innovation results in Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Togo.

The VaRRIWA project is led by the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie, in partnership with the Agence Béninoise de Valorisation des résultats de la recherche et de l’innovation Technologique (ABeVRIT), the Agence nationale de Valorisation des Résultats de la Recherche et des Innovations du Burkina Faso (ANVAR), the Agence Nationale pour la Recherche Scientifique Appliquée du Sénégal (ANRSA), and the Direction de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique du Togo (DRST).

VaRRIWA is one of 12 projects supported by the ACP Innovation Fund.