The IDRC‘s Gender in STEM Research Initiative offers a new funding opportunity!

University-led consortia from low- and middle-income countries in Africa, Asia, or Latin America/Caribbean have until 10 May 2021 to submit their expressions of interest, aimed at advancing gender analysis and women’s leadership in STEM fields.


In the last decade, pioneering work by a number of scholars and organizations around the world has increased awareness of the importance of a more inclusive approach to science as key to high-quality research and innovation. If some advances have been made, gaps remain that need to be filled.

Through its ‘Gender in STEM Research Initiative’, the International Development Research Centre ( IRDC, Canada) will fund research that helps promote women’s leadership in science — notably in natural sciences, engineering, and maths — and the integration of gender analysis in these fields. The research will identify innovative approaches that increase the capacity of universities and other higher-education institutions to be more inclusive of women and gender analysis in STEM.  

The research consortia must propose research that addresses at least one of the four following themes:  

  • Including gender analysis in STEM research 
  • Exploring STEA+M — integrating arts, design, humanities and social sciences (A+) into STEM higher education and research
  • Advancing institutional policies to promote gender equality in STEM
  • Safeguarding women scientists 

The IRDC encourages applications from consortia of at least two public universities based in at least two LMICs (see eligible countries here), offering leading roles to women scientists.  

More information: Call for expressions of interest.