Participate in our debate ‘on bridging universities to industries’!

The OACPS Research and Innovation programme is holding a debate on ‘Bridging universities to industries’ on 9 December 2022. Save the date and join us!

Unlocking innovation to accelerate sustainable development requires a good quadruple-helix collaboration, between industry, government, academia, and society. While integrating research and education is generally straightforward, building partnerships between industry and academia remains challenging, as well as engaging with civil society organizations. As highlighted in the AU-EU Innovation Agenda working document, the African continent is lacking knowledge exchange and technology transfer capabilities.

The aim of the webinar is to explore the topic of university-industry collaboration and to address three questions:
• What do we know about university-industry linkages in Africa?
• How to enhance these links through policy-making?
• What are the best practices for successful collaborations?

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This event will be simultaneously translated into French and English.