Closure of the first OACPS R&I Stakeholders’ Exchange Meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

After three days of intensive sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices on R&I policies and projects, the first OACPS Stakeholders’ Exchange Meeting, held in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), has ended today.

Coming from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, beneficiaries of OACPS R&I-financed actions participated actively in World café, pro-action café and other working groups sessions addressing challenges and barriers in the areas of action implementation, monitoring and evaluation, knowledge transfer, and impact and sustainability.

Through collective intelligence, information has been harvested that serves to improve the performance of R&I projects and upcoming policy support services (funded by the OACPS R&I Programme), but also future R&I projects and policy support initiatives in general.

Arising from this first OACPS Stakeholders’ Exchange Meeting, knowledge products will be published soon.

Stay informed!

Please find a summary of this event in pictures: