PODCAST SERIES “Innovative voices”

“Innovative voices” aims to amplify the voices of researchers and innovators from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, with a focus on Women, Youth, Indigenous Knowledge holders, and creators/promoters of inclusive research and innovation ecosystems.

Listen to our interview series!


Chux Daniels– STI policy specialist and Chair of the  PSF MLE Expert Panel- About digitalisation and R&I strategies and policies

John Kamara – Kenyan Tech Entrepreneur, and founder of Adanian Labs- About digital technologies and artificial intelligence


Arielle Kitio– Manager of PRICNAC third-party project  ‘3D Printing for Education’- I3DE

Cecile Martin-Phiips– IFDD, ‘One Forest Summit’ and PDTIE project in the Congo River basin 

Lionelle Ngo-Samnick – About women and girls in science with the manager of  PDTIE, an Innovation Fund project

Mané Seck– ‘Special International Day of Women and Girls in Science – Laureate of the international prize ‘My thesis in 180 s’

Angelika Namdar -‘Special COP 27’ about climate change and coastal urban planning in the Caribbean

Salome Bukachi -‘Special COP 27’ about climate change and health in Africa

Nick Perkins-‘Special COP 27’ about climate change communication

David Obura-‘Special COP 27’ about climate change, oceans and coastal areas

Kwaku Antwi -‘Special COP 27’ about climate change, Africa and food systems

Dhesigen Naidoo – ‘Special COP 27’ about climate change, Africa and science diplomacy

Adana Mahase-Gibson and Chandra Degia– Caribbean One Health Alliance

Heide Hackmann -Future Africa Institute

Mouhamadou Lamine Kebe – Tolbi start-up in inclusive smart agriculture

Andrew Hudson – UNDP Water and Ocean Governance Programme 

Talash Huijbers, insect farmer in Kenya -International Women’s Day

Eunice Zola and Myriam Luzala – International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Benjamin Roche –  PREZODE Initiative – One Health

Monica Kapipiri – African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD)

Bosun Tijani – African landscape of research and innovation

Racquel Moses  – Climate summit and CCSA

Jérôme Aucan – Ocean-related research and innovation

Myrna Cunningham Kain – Indigenous Peoples and  traditional knowledge


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