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VaRRIWA- Monitoring and evaluation mission in Benin of the third-party project PAVRIB by AUF and ABeVRIT

The Project for the Support of the Valorisation of Research for Innovation in Benin (PAVRIB), led by the University of Parakou, was monitored and evaluated last week by the ‘Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie’ (AUF) and the ‘Agence béninoise de valorisation des résultats de la recherche et de l’innovation technologique’ (ABeVRIT).

This mission was an opportunity to review the progress of this third-party project with its managers and beneficiaries. The delegation was able to exchange with a dozen young startups and appreciate the progress of their activities.

(visit to the natural juice and bottled water production unit of the company Amdagri)

PAVRIB (Projet d’Accompagnement de la Valorisation de la Recherche pour l’Innovation au Bénin )is one of the 3 projects financed by VaRRIWA  (Valorising Research Results and Innovation in West Africa) in Benin.

Its objective is to improve the employability and socio-professional integration of young people and women who have graduated from universities, through the valorisation of research and innovation in Benin, and better collaboration between research actors and the users of their innovations and inventions, in particular agricultural, industrial and commercial enterprises in Benin.

VaRRIWA is an initiative coordinated by the AUF, in partnership with the four national structures in charge of the valorisation of research-innovation results in the beneficiary countries of the project (ANRSA in Senegal, ABeVRIT in Benin, ANVAR in Burkina-Faso and DRST in Togo).  It is supported by the ACP Innovation Fund, one of the components of the Research and Innovation Programme of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), with the financial contribution of the European Union.

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