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PDTIE – Université de Goma completes the list of selected innovations

The University of Goma has finalized the selection process for innovations incubated as part of the third-party “Valorisation des déchets pour un environnement sain en RD Congo” (VaDech RD Congo) project, with the choice of 4 new innovation projects. These are:
1. Improvement of the biogas purification system using local Indian model digester technology by Mr Fabrice AGANZE BASHIGE
2. Use of plastic waste mixed with marl for the production of durable and ecological glass and tiles (Plasma Micro-project) by Mr. Balthazar LUBUNGA KAPASA.
3. Incorporation of the oyster mushroom “Pleurotus ostreatus”, produced from sawdust and corncob, in the manufacture of lickable blocks by Patrick David KASEREKA.
4. Production of bio-pesticides from artemisia waste (Artemisia annua and A. afra) by Lucien Bienfait AKILIMALI.

With the four (4) new innovations selected, the total number of innovations incubated by the University of Goma has risen to fifteen (15).
Discover the official results on the PDTIE website

The project Valorisation des déchets pour un environnement sain en RD Congo  (VaDech RD Congo) is a third-party project of the PDTIE supported by the ACP Innovation Fund.