Innovation Fund

PDTIE – 2.73 million euros granted to 15 environmental research-innovation projects in Cameroon and DRC

The project ‘ Déploiement des technologies et innovations environnementales (PDTIE) pour le éveloppement durable et la réduction de la pauvreté’, implemented by IFDD and its national implementing partners (Kongo University in DRC, Eden Africa and Engineers Without Borders in Cameroon) have finally selected a total of 15 major research-innovation projects to support sustainable development in the Congo Basin: in Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The financial support of 2,730,000 euros will enable the establishment of two innovation manufacturing laboratories in renewable energy and waste recovery, and the development of 120 innovations in sustainable agriculture, agri-food, biotechnology, sustainable construction and health-environment. In addition, the funding granted will make it possible to carry out six national studies on the state of local and indigenous knowledge on sustainable development, the needs, capacities and constraints of the private sector on sustainable development, as well as the financial capacities of the actors of change to promote the technical solutions generated. Support was also provided for communication, popularization and appropriation of research results while supporting capacity building of research actors.

The PDTIE is one of the 8 grant recipients of the ACP Innovation Fund.

IFDD press release