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PDTIE- 16 innovation projects selected by the University of Douala

Following the call for proposals for innovation launched by the project ‘Développement et de Modernisation des Procédés de Transformation, de Conservation et de Conditionnement Agroalimentaires’ (PDEMOPTRACCA), lead by École Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique de Douala,  16 innovation projects have been selected:

  1. Local bread flour with gluten substitution by Mr. FOUDA BOYOGUENO Michel Thaddeus
  2. Development of a dietary oil from a combination of non-wood forest products by Mrs. NZAME Epse EBONG Claire Solange
  3. Production of pelleted feed for pigs and fish based on dregs enriched with non-conventional proteins by Mr. TIZE DAOUDA
  4. Design and manufacture of chocolate conches by Mr. MIMSHE KENFACK Jean-Paul
  5. Production of a cooked ham product based on fish and local chicken by Mrs. ÉNANGUE Noëlle Laurice
  6. Production of a food broth based on local products by Madame MESSE Mercedes and SAOUDA LABARAN
  7. Formulation of a preservative for fruit and leafy vegetables by Mr. SANDJO YONDJA Merlin
  8. Development of an onion preservation system by Mr. NDOSO NENDOBE
  9. Development of a bioconservative from Allanblackia forest oil in Africa: CALLAFRIC by Mrs. MBA EBOTO Clarisse Davy
  10. Food bio-preservative by Mrs. NGWETHE NGOLONG BUTUMAP CHAIDA/TOUKAM FOKOM NJINDOU Anounetou
  11. Production of a bio-insecticide from agricultural waste to protect grain in post-harvest storage against insect pests by Mr ZING ZING Bertrand
  12. Robotic packaging line for delicate and deformable food products by Mr. Achille MELINGUI
  13. Production of biodegradable eco-friendly packaging from cocoa pods (KBoss PACK) by Ms. SELAMO MILICE JUMLA JINKA
  14. Production of an antimicrobial bioplastic from local raw materials by Madame BEDIME Merryne Farnèse, CHIMI KUANKEP Leticia Carole and Michel TOMEYUM
  15. Manufacture of shopping bags and food preservation boxes from biodegradable nano-composites by Mr. NJOUOND KAMDEM Donald
  16. Valorization of a clay-based composite material for the manufacture of conservation packaging by Mr. GNASSIRI Simon

Read the official list of the selected projectsThe list includes the names of the winners, the titles of the innovation projects and the grants awarded.

‘Développement et de Modernisation des Procédés de Transformation, de Conservation et de Conditionnement Agroalimentaires’ is a third-party project of the PDTIE supported by the ACP Innovation Fund.