Innovation Fund

Monitoring visit to VaRRIWA third-party projects in Kara, Togo

The results of two flagship projects (FOR VARRITO and CAVRIS) led by the University of Kara bear witness to VaRRIWA‘s positive impact on strengthening research and innovation in Togo.

FOR VARRITO, Strengthening the capacities of R&I players in Intellectual Property management!

FOR VARRITO project (Formation à la valorisation des résultats de recherche et de l’innovation au Togo) has trained 543 players in the Togolese research and innovation ecosystem:

– 423 doctoral students, researchers and teacher-researchers have strengthened their research valorization skills thanks to an innovative online training system.

– 120 inventors/innovators and entrepreneurs acquired the knowledge and tools needed to turn their ideas into commercial successes via face-to-face training.

– 4 roundtables brought together over 400 research and innovation players to stimulate collaboration and exchange around crucial themes.

The last round table, held in Kara on June 7, focused on “The state of research in Togo and its prospects” and “Technology transfer offices in universities and intellectual property”.

CAVRIS, a fablab at the service of the community!

CAVRIS project (Centre d’accompagnement à la valorisation des résultats de la recherche-innovation dans le domaine des Sciences et de la Technologie) has equipped the University of Kara with a fablab featuring electronic, mechanical, biochemical and computer equipment. The center has supported 30 talented innovators through targeted training courses in business management, stress management, leadership, intellectual property management and design thinking.

The 10 most promising innovators currently benefit from additional support, including a seed fund, to bring their innovative projects to fruition. To date, 7 companies have already been created thanks to the support of the CAVRIS project.

VaRRIWA is a catalyst of change for research and innovation in Togo.