Innovation Fund

Monitoring visit to VaRRIWA third-party projects in Benin

The Project ‘Accompagnement à la Valorisation des Résultats de la Recherche et de l’Innovation au Bénin (PAVRIB)‘, lead by the University of Parakou, has been a remarkable success, breathing new life into Benin’s research ecosystem.

PAVRIB has had a tangible impact on research and innovation. The project has made a number of major contributions, including

– The creation of an incubator dedicated to innovation: A functional space offering resources and expertise to stimulate innovation and the exploitation of research results.

– Capacity-building: 26 R&I players have been trained on topics crucial to the success of their projects.

– Stimulating invention: 12 patent applications have been filed with the OAPI, testifying to the creativity and potential of the projects supported.

– Seed funding: Essential equipment is being acquired to turn ideas into reality and support the implementation of projects.

Building on these successes, the University of Parakou is pursuing its ambitions by setting up a Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer (CITT). This centre promises to consolidate what has already been achieved and offer even greater support to those involved in research and innovation in Benin.

PAVRIB illustrates the University of Parakou’s unwavering commitment to stimulating innovation and boosting Benin’s socio-economic development.

PAVRIB is part of the VaRRIWA project.