Innovation Fund

Facilitating Access to Life-Changing Innovations for Ugandan Farmers through Cooperatives

The AIRTEA granted third party project called ‘ Retaining next-generation farmers in agribusiness through enhanced knowledge-sharing platforms along with the dairy and selected grain value chains in Uganda‘ is supporting farmers in Central Uganda to access noble life transforming innovations.  

Gomba Farm and Environmental Association, beneficiaries of this third-party project, is a community of 29 farmers, youth, and women committed to advancing sustainable farming practices in Gomba, Mpigi district in Uganda. They have formed a cooperative society through which they jointly own and operate Gomba Farm Innovation Hub, which focuses on promoting sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation, and helping to build a more rewarding and sustainable future for dairy farmers. 

Through the intervention, Gomba Farm and Environmental Association received support and resources to enhance their capacity to promote sustainable agricultural practices and environmental conservation in their community. The project also provided the Cooperative access to new research, technologies, and information on best agriculture practices, opportunities for farmers to network, share knowledge, and learn from each other. The hub offers a range of training, mentorship, and peer-to-peer learning programs that enhance the growth of the farming community.  

The activities of the Cooperative have transformed the agricultural value chains to impact on livelihoods through its cutting-edge innovations that promote efficiency and productively. Some of the innovations are profiled below:  

Drought Tolerant Cowshed and Zero Grazing System 

Biogas digester   Use of Silage Bags for storage

Pasture Demonstration Garden

Vegetables for Consumption Hay Storage Unit