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Call for Proposals: Support the development of multi-stakeholder partnerships that promote demand-driven agricultural research and innovation in Eastern Africa (Kenya, Rwanda & Uganda)

Strengthening Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Ecosystem for Inclusive Rural Transformation and Livelihoods in Eastern Africa (AIRTEA)’ is one of the 8 granted projects financed under the ACP innovation Fund.

The project is implemented by the consortium consisting of FARA, ASARECA and EAFF, will technically and financially support multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda to develop proposals and implement projects in demand-driven agricultural research for development (ARD) and innovation that address challenges and/or opportunities at the local, national or regional level.

Science, technology, and innovation in agriculture in Africa in general, and Eastern Africa in particular, constitute the major driver for economic development as the agricultural sector is still the main employer providing jobs to the largest proportion of the population of Eastern Africa and contributes to over 35% of the GDP in the three selected countries. The AIRTEA project stimulates an active research-policy interface to create a conducive policy ecosystem in the agricultural domain of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda enabling, inter alia, knowledge generation, exchange and learning; technology transfer, uptake and scale-up; and business development through capacity building. These will lead to inclusive innovations with socio-economic benefits and impacts.

The AIRTEA project has recently launched a Call for Proposals for proposals from multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs)

All information about the call and how to apply

Please note that the deadline for submission of proposals is August 9th 2021 at 17:00 GMT.