UN 2023 Water Conference

The UN 2023 Water Conference is expected to involve all relevant stakeholders to assess challenges and opportunities and accelerate action to implement water-related goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Water is a dealmaker for Sustainable Development Goals, and for the health and prosperity of people and planet. But our progress on water related goals and targets remains alarmingly off track, jeopardizing the entire sustainable development agenda.

Scientists warned that the demand for water is expected to exceed supply by 40% at the end of this decade, calling for getting the pricing of water right and making water management and conservation systems sustainable.

A sustainable, just and equitable water future requires higher levels of collective ambition on valuing water; reshaping the interaction of the public, private and community sectors; developing, sharing and using technologies widely; building the right capacities; and mobilising resources.

The UN 2023 Water Conference will bring together Governments, the United Nations system, intergovernmental organisations, international financial institutions, civil society organisations, academic institutions, the scientific community, the private sector, and other relevant actors for a holistic and integrated approach to water issues.

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