The EU-OACPS Partnership: strengthened cooperation on climate action and the use of science-based information to build resilience

At this hybrid high-level event,  key stakeholders from four world regions will discuss the importance of strong joint action to address climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction, while engaging with key stakeholders in the field of climate change action in the EU and in the OACPS.


For the EU and the OACPS, COP26 will be instrumental in accelerating greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets in the next round of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and in expanding climate finance beyond the current commitment to mobilize at least $ 100 billion in the post-2020 period.

The EU and the OACPS are longstanding partners in several fields and their cooperation on climate change, in particular, has proven their capacity to deliver tangible results. At their COP26 event, OACPS ministries and EU high-level officials from the Directorate-General for International Partnerships will also present concrete examples of support driven by the EU-OACPS climate actions programmes, and the added value of the EU-OACPS partnership.

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