Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Forum

The Critical Role of Intellectual Property (IP) and Innovation for Youth Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in collaboration with the Government of Rwanda through the Rwanda Development Board, the East African
Community Science and Technology Commission (EASTECO) and with financial support from the Japan Patent Office (JPO), is organizing a Regional Youth Forum
on opportunities to extract value from effective use of IP system for their own business development and the ability to manage the IP asset generated by the Start-ups.

Join the forum for a conversation with the Experts on (among the few): IP Fundamentals and Principles;
-IP generating startup vs IP consuming startup;
-Using IP databases;
– IP and Innovation Enablers;
-The Commercialization and Monetization of IP;
-Product Commercialization: Branding and Scaling your Business Ideas; etc