Indigenous Women and Climate Change

Join hosts International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP) and Nia Tero (US-based NGO) for this webinar dedicated to Indigenous Women and Climate Change, leading up to the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26).


This webinar is the last one of a series of webinars Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change aimed at uplifting Indigenous voices and priorities during COP 26, providing a platform for donors and civil society members to understand how they can support and amplify the voices of Indigenous Peoples at global forums such as the UNFCCC.

The webinar will have the following Indigenous panelists and moderator:


  • Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, President Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad (AFPAT)
  • Rebecca Sinclair, Research and Policy Lead, Indigenous Climate Action (ICA)


  • Helen Magata, Communications Officer, Tebtebba