Emerging Valley Summit

5th edition of EMERGING Valley. This unique meeting with the most influential players in the Africa-Europe Tech sector will be held at the Palais du Pharo in Marseille in phygital (face-to-face and digital).

The EMERGING Valley International Summit, created by Samir Abdelkrim, is a major annual meeting of the African-European tech industry, targeting the entrepreneurial and organic innovation ecosystems of Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe. Startups, public decision-makers, major groups, investors, tech hubs, and international public and private institutions from over 70 countries will meet in Marseille to present disruptive solutions provided by African tech, discuss its impact on the world and prepare the post-pandemic rebound while continuing to strengthen the Africa-Europe partnership. In total, more than 200 speakers and 2500 participants are expected at Emerging Valley!

Six key themes, at the heart of positive African innovation, will be highlighted: biodiversity, women’s entrepreneurship, creative and cultural industries, e-health, innovation financing and sustainable cities.

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The event is open to all, free of charge.