Ecosystems and Technology: Innovative Approaches to Strengthening Coastal and Ocean Adaptation

This session will be the first in a series of events exploring and promoting innovative approaches to scale up adaptation technologies to build resilience in ocean and coastal settings.

This virtual event is co-organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Friends of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (FEBA ) network, and UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee (TEC ), in collaboration with the NWP Expert Group on Oceans.

It aims to present and discuss state-of-the-art learning and examples from integrating joint approaches of both technology and ecosystem-based adaptation in various policies and programmes in order to build the resilience of oceans and coastal ecosystems and communities, in particular to:

  • Identify emerging technologies and hybrid approaches that have high potential to meaningfully build resilience in the ocean and coastal settings;
  • Showcase and discuss various innovative approaches for integrating technological and nature-based solutions, including examples in both policy and practice;
  • Explore how indigenous and local knowledge has been integrated into developing or promoting hybrid solutions for adaptation;
  • Highlight the importance of safeguards for climate technology, including gender responsiveness and consideration of youth, indigenous, and other historically marginalized perspectives.


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