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Workshop of a PSF -MLE on building national research and innovation funds

This Mutual Learning Exercice (MLE) serve as a platform for the exchange of insights, successes, failures and challenges encountered in the development and implementation of national R&I funds. Participation in the MLE offers countries that have already established funds the chance to showcase good practices and results, but also the possibility of fine-tuning existing mechanisms and addressing challenges and failures. Likewise, countries planning to develop or that are in the early stages of setting up R&I funds will benefit from the exchange, avoiding potential pitfalls and ensuring efficient use of resources.
The MLE will also create opportunities to build a network among the participating national public authorities in charge of R&I. 

In this context, members from 20 countries of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OEACP) are in Lomé, Togo, this week to share their experiences for the development of their respective countries.


Read the  press release  and watch a video retracing the highlights of the opening day:


A comprehensive ‘Handbook on the Development and Implementation of National Research and Innovation Funds.’ will be release at the en of this PSF service. This handbook will encompass a compilation of shared challenges faced by countries during the development and implementation of such funds, accompanied by practical suggestions to overcome them. Moreover, the Handbook will feature a regional benchmarking analysis, presenting both successful practices and failures in the design and execution of national R&I funds. It will delve into the examination of primary R&I instruments and funding mechanisms in several countries in Africa and beyond.