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Scaling up PDTIE in all Congo Basin countries

As part of its new Programmation 2024-2027, the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie is implementing a regional project to support environmental initiatives in the six (6) countries of the Congo Basin, as part of the drive to improve and scale up the approach of the Deployment of Environmental Technologies and Innovations for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction (PDTIE) project.

With a total budget of 4.775 million euros, the “Support for environmental initiatives in the Congo Basin” project has selected 10 national structures to receive grants totalling 675,500 euros from three calls for projects launched in its first year, in order to support 200 young people and women promoting environmental innovations and initiatives for the preservation of the Congo Basin. These structures will focus on strengthening support for environmental innovations and agricultural entrepreneurship, and fostering the creation of living eco-innovation laboratories for sustainable agriculture.

Two key players in the PDTIE ecosystem are among these 10 structures, namely the Institut de recherche agricole pour le Développement (IRAD) with the creation of a living eco-innovation laboratory, and Ingénieurs Sans Frontières in Cameroon for its PI2A Initiative “Je Produis mes Intrants, mes Aliments, mon Argent” (I Produce my Inputs, my Food, my Money) with the aim of supporting agricultural entrepreneurship among young people to ensure food security in the Congo Basin. Other key players in African research and innovation, such as the Institut national pour l’étude et la recherche agronomiques (INERA) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Institut centrafricain de la recherche agronomique (ICRA) in the Central African Republic and the Agence nationale de valorisation des résultats de la Recherche et de l’Innovation (ANVR) in Congo, are also part of this regional project to support environmental innovation.

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