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Major achievements of the FORUM MICD-AO third-party project

The third-party FORUM MICD-AO project implemented by ESP Dakar, and supported by the VaRRIWA project, has been highly successful in its mission to boost the ecosystem of innovative materials and sustainable construction players in West Africa.

 Some major achievements of the FORUM MICD-AO third-party project.
Implementation of a high-performance digital platform:
– Creation of an informative website (
– Deployment of a digital networking platform ( to foster collaboration between industry players.
Production and distribution of quality content:
– Publication of relevant articles for consultation on the website and platform
– Organization of 5 thematic webinars on key industry topics
Raising awareness and mobilizing players:
– Survey of industry players in the 4 target countries (BJ, BF, SN, TG)
– Organization of motivational workshops to generate interest and participation in the MICD-AO Forum
Organization of a successful forum:
– First edition of the FORUM MICD-AO held from May 28 to 31, 2024 in Dakar.
– Strong participation by a wide range of players from the 4 target countries and other African and European countries
– Participants adopted the Dakar Declaration
– Creation of a regional network of West African players in the sector

The FORUM MICD-AO project is part of a sustainable dynamic, with the organization of its second edition scheduled to take place in Benin in 2026. This forum will further contribute to the valorization of research results, the strengthening of links between stakeholders and the promotion of more environmentally-friendly construction practices.

The FORUM MICD-AO project is proving to be a model of success in the field of sustainable construction in West Africa. Its positive impact on the sector is undeniable, and its promising prospects augur an even brighter future for sustainable construction in the region.

source: Lamine THIAM, Chargé régional de projet VaRRIWA – Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie