Innovation Fund

Focus on a Beauveria bassiana-based biopesticide to combat crop pests

Recipient of a PDTIE financial support and incubated at the Institut de Recherche Agricole pour le Développement (IRAD), Hermine MAHOT and her team have designed a biopesticide for organic farming that offers a natural and sustainable alternative to chemical pesticides. By meeting farmers’ needs for organic inputs, this innovation promotes farming practices that respect biodiversity.

Watch the video on this innovation which, among other things, helps reduce farmers’ dependence on chemical pesticides, thus minimizing environmental and health risks. It also preserves biodiversity and soil health, essential for the long-term sustainability of agriculture.

This video was produced by Forets et Développement Rural (FODER), as part of the implementation of the Projet de Vulgarisation des Technologies et Innovations pour un Développement Durable, with the support of PDTIE .